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 Learning The Art Of Descriptive Writing In 5 Minutes 


The aim of descriptive writing is to describe something in a way that paints a picture in your reader's mind. Unlike other types of essay, you’re not required to make an argument and then support it using facts and evidence. If you do not have time to write you should know about the essay writer and ask him to write my paper.

In such essays, the focus is on the details, feelings, and emotions attached to the subject. The idea is to present information in a way that the reader can visualize it using his five senses.



In order to write an effective descriptive essay, it is important that you analyze the topic at hand from every angle and perspective before you begin the writing process.

If your subject is a non-living object, make sure that you consider the following details:

  •         Look at the whole picture, don’t just analyze the main subject, but the insignificant details too.
  •         Observe the object as well as its surroundings.
  •         Consider the different features of the subject.
  •         Keep the physical setting under consideration.
  •         The shape and position of the subject.
  •         The time of day, lighting, etc.
  •         Historical background.


For a living thing, you might want to consider the following aspects:

  •         The person’s physical appearance (skin texture, color, height, etc.)
  •         Gender, expressions, age, posture, dressing.
  •         For an animal discuss the species, temperament, behavior patterns, whether it is trained, and its physical features too.


When describing an event, behavior, or idea, think about these details:

  •         Your feelings about the topic. How does a particular event or idea make you feel?
  •         What were your emotions at the time of occurrence? What were the things going through your mind? The events that lead to your actions or behavior.
  •         You may also describe the body language of the people involved.


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