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KEEP GOING, BE HAPPY - Road Trip!  But the travelers are middle aged.  They've found love and now they're looking for a place to settle, a way to make a living and most of all, how to be happy.  From Florida to Arizona and back again with a long stopover in Texas their trip explores the country and the interior landscapes they traverse at the same time.  BUY (

MUTA - The discovery of a cave containing pre-historic artifacts leads to an amazing adventure connecting two modern couples with the people who inhabited the cave thousands of years before.  A connection made of equal parts spirituality, romance and the essentials of human nature bind the people across the centuries and lead the moderns to a deeper understanding of themselves and each other. BUY

THE ANTLER'S POINT - A pre-history mystery!  When the young Risa is scarred for life by a bear, she is healed and taken to live with her grandparents.  Her grandfather is the Arbiter of her tribe and raises her as his apprentice.  Her first "case" is the murder of a young man and the flight of his wife to her home village.  The dead man's mother demands her return to have control over the baby she is carrying.  In the process of sorting through the conflicting stories and emotions the Arbiter uncovers the murderer, and Risa learns more of her history and emotions than she thought possible.  Murder, mystery, romance, and adventure. BUY

THE LOVE GENE - A lawyer's letter announces a strange legacy from his uncle which requires that Frank Walker spend six months in his uncle's life in return for a building and a business.  The six months leads Frank on a journey of discovery, first of his uncle and then of himself, which ultimately leads him into the arms of love. BUY

SAILOR'S ACRES - A hard divorce, an industrial re-organization and a mid-life crisis leads to a retreat from the world and then a gradual reawakening of desire and romance.  Art, love, and sailing are mixed in the sometimes turbulent waters of theGulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys.BUY

TURTLE PATROL - Written for young readers.  Meet two of Florida's most appealing creatures, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle and the Florida Scrub Jay and get acquainted with their lives through the story of their adventures. BUY

THE ELEPHANT WHO COULDN'T SNEEZE A whimsical poem about an Elephant Who Couldn't Sneeze and the little child who helped solve his problem. Word play and rhyme for youngsters.  BUY(https://www.createspace.com3449088)


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